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For an installation of our upload portal we need a few details. This may seem very confusing, so we have created an overview here, which contains all the information.

What are the technical requirements?

The website upload portal requires a web space to be made available on the Internet. For this purpose, web hosting packages of a web hoster are suitable. Our Upload Portal has the following minimum requirements:

* SSL encryption is required for the selected subdomain. Some hosters offer the integration of a free Let’sEncrypt certificate also for subdomains. With hosters where this is not possible, a so-called “wildcard certificate” must be added. This protects a main domain and all created sub-domains.

If you already have a web space on which, for example, your current website is installed, it would only be important to check whether the specified resources are still free. Usually, web space packages have significantly more resources than are needed for a single website.

What data does OWLLAB need for the installation?

The installation requires some technical settings and facilities on the web host. We can take care of these for you or you can do them yourself and allow us to access the required resources.
You can choose one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Hoster credentials

When you provide us with the login details to your hosting package, we will set everything up for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything technical.


Of course, if you don’t want to provide us with access to your hosting package, that’s absolutely understandable. However, in this case we will need the following technical data and settings:


Subdomain, or as desired. This subdomain should point to a subfolder of the web hoster. Subdomain


SSL Certificate

The selected subdomain must be secured with an SSL certificate. For this, depending on the hoster, a so-called “wildcard certificate” (SSL certificate that not only secures the main domain, but also all associated subdomains) must be booked. Other hosters allow the integration of a free SSL certificate (e.g.: Let’s Encrypt) also for subdomains.


FTP or SFTP access
Host, user, password, (port, if different from default port) for a login to the selected subfolder.


MySQL Database
Host, user, password, database name and the access data (also via phpmyadmin or the respective SQL administration service).


IMAP email address / mailbox
This mailbox does not necessarily have to be on the same web host, if there is already a job email address, this can also be used as long as the IMAP protocol is available. Examples of email addresses:,, Required data: Email address, IMAP incoming server, IMAP port, IMAP encryption, IMAP user, IMAP password SMTP outgoing server, SMTP port, SMTP encryption, SMTP user, SMTP password



The required PHP version is currently PHP7.3 or PHP 7.4.
An adaptation to PHP8 is in progress, so the conversion should be possible later on

Information that has been highlighted is data that should be provided to us.

What does OWLLAB need for design customization?

With the purchase of the upload portal is also an adaptation to their design concept included. If you already have a website, we adapt the upload portal so that the visitor hardly notices a page change. If you have a different design wish, we adapt the portal according to your ideas.

Do you currently not have a website or do you want a different concept for your upload portal? In this case we need:


Desired design concept

Let us know what your ideas are for the appearance of your new upload portal.

Especially the desired color concept is very important.

Tell us your desired colors in the form of HEX or RGB codes.


For customization we need a logo of your company. The logo should ideally have a transparent background and at least a width of 1,000px. A logo version as vector file (.svg, .eps, .ai, .pdf) would be optimal.

If a website already exists, we are happy to follow the design used there and take over the design concept.
For this we only need:


For customization we need a logo of your company. The logo should ideally have a transparent background and at least a width of 1,000px. A logo version as vector file (.svg, .eps, .ai, .pdf) would be optimal.

Information that has been highlighted is data that should be provided to us.